Safety and security of women-only dormitory. "Urban Castle Yamayashiki" is a women-only dorm. In order to stay safe comfortable in Japan. We provide a rich Japanese living in thorough security system.



Urban Castle Yamayashiki is the dormitory where many foreign students enjoy community life.
The students living in this dormitory are very friendly, and they are communicating with each other in the dining room every day.
This dormitory life is not only where you can develop sociability and communication skill but also where you can do cross-cultural communication of all over the world in Japan.

  • Women only
    Women only
  • Newly built
    Newly built
  • 24 Hour Security
    24 Hour Security

This is the newly built dormitory
that has security facilities for exclusive use of women.
(24h password-number input entrance、
24h monitoring camera picture recording)

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Dormitory Rules&Dormitory's Admission Guide

Dormitory rules

Dormitory rules for the tenants to live together with various cultures and countries.
A new tenant, of course the tenants, should read the rules.


Admission guide

Please make sure to read the Admission guide if you are interested in stay at dormitory.
You could understand necessity documents and the dormitory rules.