Dormitory life events | 寮生活・イベント

The safety and security of dormitory life

Many foreign students live in Urban Castle Yamayashiki, and enjoy community life.
The students living in this dormitory are very friendly, and they are communicating with each other.
This dormitory life is not only where you can develop sociability and communication skill
but also where you can do cross-cultural communication of all over the world in Japan.
Many monitoring cameras are recording the pictures for 24 hours,
and the front door is auto-locked so that a woman live in the dormitory with safe.
Common spaces are cleaned by the staff everyday, and keep a good sanitary condition.

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A lot of events will be held in Urban Castle.
Please let me know the idea of an event if you have!

  • Annual event

    January Making-Mochi party
    April Welcome Party
    August Tanabata, fireworks festival, Wearing Kimono, etc.
    September Welcome Party

    We will have another event irregularly.